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The Automotive Industry in Canada

The automotive industry in Canada: driving our economic health and prosperity.

Canada is the ninth largest vehicle producer in the world. The auto sector is Canada's biggest contributor to manufacturing Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and its largest manufacturing employer.

The industry directly supports over 550,000 jobs all across the country in 11 light duty and 3 heavy-duty assembly plants, over 540 Original Equipment (OEM) parts manufacturers, 3949 dealerships and many other directly related industries. It is estimated that the auto sector directly and indirectly employs one out of every seven Canadians.

The Canadian vehicle assemblers are highly competitive, accounting for 3.7% of total world production of 68.6 million units and a global trade surplus in finished vehicles of more than $13.8 billion. This accounts for 31.4% of Canada’s 2007 global trade surplus of $43.9 billion.

The Canadian automotive industry is a leader in the development of a highly skilled workforce, action to improve environmental quality and a major contributor to the health of Canada's economy.

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