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Auto Industry Applauds Government Action on Windsor Infrastructure Improvements.

Windsor, ON – 2008-05-01

“We applaud today’s announcement by the Province of Ontario and Government of Canada aimed at improving the infrastructure at Canada’s busiest border gateway,” said Mark Nantais, President of the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association.

Canada’s auto industry trades over $110 billion annually with the United States, with the majority of it flowing through the Windsor-Detroit gateway. Currently this gateway is affected by an inefficient, time consuming, and unreliable municipal road that links Highway 401 to the international crossings.

“It is absolutely crucial for the automotive industry to be assured that the border crossings are reliable and predictable in order to accommodate just-in-time delivery on both sides of the border,” stated Nantais. “We are encouraged that today there is a plan in place that will radically improve our access to the international crossings in the Windsor gateway. This investment will help support the existing automotive manufacturing in Windsor and across Ontario, and will help make the province more attractive for future jobs and economic growth.”

“Today’s announcement represents an important step forward in the process of improving this critical gateway. It is imperative that this investment and improvements occur without delay. It is equally important that all levels of government in Canada and the United States continue to collaborate on the creation of a new international crossing that will span the Detroit River and create an uninterrupted corridor from Highway 401 to Interstate 75 in Michigan along the Windsor-Essex Parkway.”

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Mark Nantais
Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers' Association

About the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association

The CVMA is the national association representing Canada’s leading manufacturers of light and heavy duty vehicles. Our membership includes Chrysler Canada Inc., Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited, General Motors of Canada Limited and International Truck & Engine Corporation Canada.

In partnership with the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario, CVMA members have contributed over 80% of almost $10.15 billion in new automotive (parts and assembly) investment announced since 2002. These investments involve a transition to flexible manufacturing, new advanced skills training programs, significant investments in research and development, and the implementation of leading-edge environmental technologies.

In 2007, our member companies produced over 71% of the 2.5 million light duty vehicles built in Canada and accounted for 53% of all light duty vehicles sold in Canada. Our members purchase over 80% of all automotive parts produced in Canada for vehicle production across North America.

The automotive industry has been the driving force of Canada’s economy for over 100 years.

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