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Biofuel Guidelines From the Wide Fuel Charter Committee.

Toronto, ON – 2009-06-12

The World Wide Fuel Charter (WWFC) Committee has announced the availability of new Ethanol and Biodiesel Guidelines. Rapid growth in the use of ethanol and biodiesel prompted the WWFC Committee to address the need for more information about these important renewable fuels.

As with conventional gasoline and diesel fuel, biofuel quality must match the needs and capabilities of engine and vehicle technologies, especially as these technologies become further advanced to meet emissions standards. The ethanol guidelines provide guidance for 100% ethanol used in blendstock for gasoline-ethanol blends containing up to 10% by volume (E10). The Biodiesel guidelines for 100% biodiesel (FAME) used as blendstock for diesel-biodiesel blends containing up to 5% biodiesel (B5).

The documents are available for download in PDF format:

Ethanol Guidelines, from the World Wide Fuel Charter Committee, March 2009.

Biodiesel Guidelines, from the World Wide Fuel Charter Committee, March 2009.

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