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Auto industry Sees Collaboration and Nurturing of Consumers Demand for Less Carbon Intensive Products as the Key to Ontario's Climate Action Plan.

Toronto - 2016-06-08

The automotive industry is taking a leadership role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from new vehicles by investing more than $200 billion in the development of multiple green vehicle technologies and fuels, including electric vehicles. These actions will significantly reduce GHGs emissions from the personal transportation sector, while meeting customer vehicle needs and will result in a 50% reduction in new light duty vehicle emissions by 2025.

The Ontario climate action plan sets out several initiatives intended to further increase consumer demand and support consumer use of electric vehicles. "We welcome Ontario's actions aimed at increasing consumer demand of Plug-in electric vehicles by supporting consumers in the purchase and use of this emerging vehicle technology", said Mark Nantais, President, Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers' Association.

A climate action plan that ensures the long term competitiveness of the automotive industry, a corner stone of Ontario's economy, is critical in order to maintain the provinces current manufacturing footprint and avoiding the migration of these jobs "carbon leakage" to other jurisdictions. "The automotive industry is committed to working collaboratively with the Ontario government to further develop and finalize an approach under the Cap and Trade program, as the province pursues its GHG emission reduction objectives, while ensuring that that the industry remains cost competitive with other jurisdictions in North America", said Nantais.

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Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association
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